Downloading the 3 Osho Heart of Creativity Meditations

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Conscious-Breathing Meditation

Acceptance Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

After downloading the meditations, most systems will open the files just by clicking on them.

But if your system does not open the files, drop the files into this software to unzip them: http://www.7-zip.org/

Put all 3 files in a folder on your desktop.

Gratitude Meditation

Develops the knack of allowing loving experiences to happen by feeling gratitude for the friends and positive situations you have already created.

  Acceptance Meditation

Effectively supports your creative expression by clearing the emotional charge out of limiting beliefs that are blocking your enjoyment of life.

  Conscious Breathing Meditation

This dynamic meditation helps you cleanse and recharge your entire body by systemically breathing through your body's energy centers.

Gratitude-Meditation   self-acceptance-meditation

OSHO is an enlightened Master whose vision encompasses the spiritual wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology. The Osho Heart of Creativity meditations are designed to release accumulated tensions in the body, mind and heart to make it easier to experience the thought-free state of meditation. Osho's discourses can be downloaded free at oshoworld.com.

Shunyo Mahom is a disciple of Osho. "Gratitude", "Acceptance", and "Conscious Breathing" are three theraputic meditations created by Shunyo which comprise the Osho Heart of Creativity. The meditations support you to allow conscious life changes.

A human being is a multi-dimensional holistic organism: “Being, Heart, Mind, Body”. An infant is not just a body. An infant is also pure feeling, heart, energy without thought. At the infant’s Center is a spiritual “Being”, consciousness, pure energy without form. The Center pulses energy which activates our breathing, giving life to the body even when we are asleep. The Center is always here now and has the quality of existential knowing, of being a transcendental "witness" to our other centers. "Being" is the source, the "heart", of creativity and love.

Countries all over the world, particularly technological countries, condition children to develop a mind and strong sense of self, ego, before the heart center is fully developed through love. These cultures value the mind over heart because a mind is needed to survive and communicate with others.

In time a child becomes identified with the mind as “who I am” and interacts with the world though the mind at the expense of the heart. A sense of loneliness, meaninglessness, and futility can develop when, as an adult, the individual becomes identified with the mind and loses touch with the heart and the Center.

At the heart of each OHOC meditation is the understanding that the mind is useful, but that the heart - feeling, the receptive feminine principle - is the doorway to Being, fulfillment, love, and creativity.

The Conscious Breathing Meditation guides you to breathe through each of the body’s seven energy centers, energizing and cleansing your body while deepening awareness and releasing creative energy.

The Gratitude and Acceptance meditations explore the mind and its desires because that is where most of us are at. We are identified with the mind and have desires. The meditations bring unconscious desires to our awareness so that conscious choices can be made to support our conscious growth.

The first stage of each OHOC meditation uses conscious breathing to bring us from the divisive world of mind to the heart. During the second 15-minute stage we are supported to relax into the present moment and be a witness of the body, mind and heart.

Each of the 3 OHOC meditations can be done  to:

  • Nurture Creativity
  • Facilitate Life Changes
  • Allow Loving Relationships 
  • Energize & Cleanse Your Body

It is possible to do one meditation one day then skip a day before doing another meditation. No problem. But the knack of living creatively will become second nature when all the 3 meditations are done sequentially for 21 straight days. It's up to you.



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