Osho Conscious Breathing Meditation 
A Guided Meditation To Facilitate Creative Life Changes 
"...the experience of creativity is an entry into the mysterious. Technique, expertise and knowledge are just tools; the key is to abandon oneself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things. This energy has no form or structure, yet all forms and structures come out of it."   -   Osho, from the Creativity Card, Osho Zen Tarot.

The Osho Conscious Breathing Meditation energizes and cleanses your entire body while deepening awareness and releasing creative energy. Instructions are in English. The breathing rhythm in this ancient meditation is a natural one throughout. Also, you are encouraged to breathe in a connected rhythm, with no gaps between the inhale and exhale. The meditation is only 45 minutes and fits into even the busiest schedule.

PART I - Active Stage

The rhythm of the music helps you breathe at a pace which is faster than normal. This is so that you become more alert and conscious than when your body breathes automatically. The effect of breathing in a connected rhythm is different for everyone. If you experience intense sensations while breathing, realize this is normal. The intense sensations indicate that you're releasing repressed energy (emotions), helping cleanse your body. Breathe in a connected rhythm at your own pace, and if the sensations become intense, slow down the breathing or pause the audio. Continue the meditation when you’re ready to do so. In the end, if you breathe in a connected rhythm while watching your feelings change, you'll feel deeply relaxed, energized, alive!

The meditation guides you to breathe through the entire spinal column by systematically breathing into each energy-center. Obviously the area contained by the lungs won't allow you to physically breathe into the centers at the base of the spine or the top of the head, so just focus your awareness inside each center as you breathe.

Play with the meditation. Try breathing rhythms different than the one on the audio. Tune into your own body. Allow the rhythm on the audio to be a guide and breathe in ways that feel right to you.

Our Subtle Body Contains Seven Energy-Centers

1. The first energy-center is located near the base of the spine and represents issues dealing with sex, survival and physical security.
2. The second center is located just below the navel, and deals with issues involving acceptance of one’s feelings and emotions.
3. The third center lies above the navel just below the ribs and functions as our power center. It also gives expression to the emotions.
4. The fourth center is in the middle of the chest and supports self-acceptance.
5. The fifth center is in the throat and involves communication, beliefs and creativity.
6. The sixth center is in the middle of the head above the eyes and is the center of our intuition.
7. The seventh center is located below the top of the head to just above the head. It is one’s connecting link with unmanifest dimensions of life.

PART II - Passive Stage

Meditation is a state of relaxed awareness which clears and calms the mind. Numerous studies have shown that meditation is good for you mentally, promotes overall better health, and...
  1. Your brain produces alpha and theta waves.
  2. Your heart rate slows down.
  3. Your muscles relax.
  4. Your blood pressure falls.
After breathing through all the energy-centers three times, allow yourself to sit silently and observe the natural breathing rhythm in your navel center. Watch the belly going in and out, and watch your thoughts and feelings for 15 minutes, after which a bell will ring.

Listening to the Audio

1. Arrange for there to be no distractions for 45 minutes or more.
2. Play the audio through external speakers instead of headphones.

3. Do not do this meditation while driving.


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