Zen Pearls Portraits by Shunyo Mahom

"The Elegance of Essence in your home and office"

By intuitively tuning in to an individual, couple or group, Shunyo creates a personalized Zen Pearls Portrait which reflects the essence of the client while providing elegant inspiration for years to come. Each portrait begins with an interview with Shunyo. In meditation Shunyo then paints a portrait which is mounted on a 21x 46 inch (53x117 cm) silk scroll in China.

1. DEPOSIT: The creation fee for the portrait is $1,700. An initial non-refundable deposit of $850 is required to begin the creation process. Foreign currencies accepted through Paypal.
2. CONTRACT: Upon receipt of the deposit Shunyo sends you a contract acknowleding the receipt of your payment and stipulating the artist's and client's mutual responsibilities for fulfilling the final three steps of the creation process as follows:
3. PERSONAL INTERVIEW: Shunyo sets up a convenient time for a personal interview with you, either in person, on the phone, or online.

4. CREATING, MOUNTING AND SHIPPING THE ART: After the above steps are completed, Shunyo paints a Zen Pearls Portrait which reflects your essence. He then mails the portrait to China for mounting on a silk scroll. Upon receiving the scroll from China, Shunyo inspects the art and mails it to you insured. Shipping is free. Included with the art is a DVD of the image. The entire process usually takes 8 weeks.

5. APPROVAL & FINAL PAYMENT: After receiving and approving the art, per the contract you have 2 business days to pay the inclosed invoice for the balance of the commision fee.

Order a portrait for yourself, your organization, or as an elegant gift for a friend.

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