shunyo 2011

"Through Shunyo's magic I have been able to unclutter many areas of my personal and business life. I have also experienced a deep sense of inner strength and clarity."

                                      Maureen Widegar - Electronic Sales, Seattle

"Thank you for the session! Your voice is very soft and centered, providing a guidance through those various layers. I am happy I went through this process with you. It helped me tremendously to better realize the separation between my center and the outside layers.The clarity I got at the center was very beneficial."

                                              Thanks again, Love Kabir

Shunyo Mahom is a Creative Life Consultant. In each personal or online Skype session Shunyo supports individuals to explore a personal issue in a safe, loving environment, including issues of physical, emotional, and psychological health, addictions, career, intimate relating, and creativity. The sessions complement on-going lifestyle changes recommended by other professionals.

Shunyo is trained in both Eastern and Western sciences to facilitate creative change and healing. This has included training in the Western science of creative change (NLP/Facticity Trainings) and the Eastern science of subtle-body healing and meditation (9 years in Osho Academy).
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